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 +--Inventions, raw description (czech only, but pictures)

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  2003/01/14 |EN| scfc.gif (20KB)
    "New" concept of combustion reactor (hydrocarbons or hydrogen).
    - wide range of power regulation
    - automatic power control by COXST units ("you get so much power how much you take")
    - low NOx emissions

  2002/06/22 |CZ| fusion.gif (7KB)
    New concept of fusion reactor. Accelerated H, Li cores @ 500keV...
  2002/06/22 |EN| qec.gif (11KB)
    Qunatum compression, using plasma (electrically charged particles....
    It's realy MAD!

  2002/06/02 |CZ| distrmir_system.gif (18KB)
    Distributed system of sunlight concentration. Distributed
    intelligence in each mirror (realy in microcontroller!).
    An here one simple controlled mirror (???):
  2002/06/06 |CZ| distrmir_mirror.gif (5KB)

  2002/03/19 |CZ| pneupist.gif (7KB)
    Pneu plunger from PE water tubes (used as pipes). LOW-COST.

  2001/03/19 |EN| mhdhec.gif (7KB)
    ? improved thermionic converter (TEC,HEC) ?
    Electrostatically acceletared and deflected emitted electrons form cathode.
    and derived topologies: (not magnetic but electrosttic deflection of e-)
  2002/04/08 |EN| elstat_hec.gif (5.8KB)
  2002/04/08 |EN| elstat_hec_inv.gif (12KB)
    Here you can download associated documentation of HEC evolution:
  2002/07/18 |CZ| hec.zip (37KB)
  2002/07/17 |EN/CZ| elstat_hec.zip (123KB)
    !See also HW&SW download and download simulation software of elstat_hec.gif
    and elstat_hec_inv.gif. It's interesting a few volts 1-20V is posible to use.

  2001/09/21 |CZ| recuper_build.gif (7KB)
    Built-in house recuperator (regeneration unit of exhaused air).
    It's simple, and improve thermo-insulation of your house.
  2001/09/21 |CZ| recuperator.gif (4KB)
    Build your own regeneration unit of exhaused air. It's simple, you
    can use PE plastic folio.

  2001/09/07 |CZ| co_generator.gif (7KB)
    CO generator, wood destilation (pyrolysis?).

  2001/09/03 |CZ| aku1410.gif (17KB)
     "Mad" accumulator. Accumulation of heat in liquid Si @1400 C. :-)
  2001/04/29 |CZ| konc_aku.gif (4KB)
     Concentrator used with "Mad" accumulator.

  2001/09/01 |CZ| conc_planar_focused.gif (5KB)
     Planar concentrator using lens and mirrors. One mirror is solid,
     one mirror is perforated(punched)...

  2001/08/01 |CZ| destillator_highefficient.gif (12KB)
    3 - level destillation unit. First: water @ 160 C, Second 130 C, Third 100C
    As you can see, pressure is reduced with temperature.
  2002/01/12 |CZ| destillator_sea.gif (10KB)
    High efficient destilator used in sea (using hydrostatic pressure).

  2001/06/25 |CZ| pes_akudt.gif (13KB)
     PES project. See HW&SW download.
     Accumulate two or three-potecial heat to ensure high efficiency
     of collectors during whole day. Morning, evening = lowest
     efficieny (10-20%) at same teperatures in 11-16 o'clock.
     You realy need 70 C water for bath?, no you can use 30-40C with highes
     efficiency of collectors. It's nonsense to mix hot and cool water
     to lower energy potential.
  2001/04/29 |CZ| pes_akudt.gif (2KB)
     Comentary to PES project. See HW&SW download.

  2001/06/01 |CZ| swa2mp.txt (1KB)
     PWM audio amplifier. High efficiency. Now, firm TRIPATH
     developed ICs like this....it's simple-to-use IC. "Digital-Class amplifiers"

  2001/05/31 |CZ| odparnik.gif (7KB)
     Evaporate water... condensate, let's connect hydro-turbine and genartor :-)
  2001/04/29 |CZ| concentrator_accu.gif (41KB)
     "Concentrator" using accumulation of energy.
  2001/04/22 |CZ| slot_conc_planar.gif (9KB)
     Principle of planar concentrator (PC) one of n solutions...
  2001/04/22 |CZ| slot_analyz.gif (3KB)
     Analysis of principle. (very simple analysis).
  2001/04/21 |CZ| slot_mirror.gif (5KB)
     Mirrors mounting.

  2001/04/18 |CZ| conc_planar_principle.gif (6KB)
     Principle of planar concentrator.
  2001/05/01 |CZ| conc_planar.gif (14KB)
     How to build planar concentrator.
  2001/04/10 |CZ| route_valve.gif (8KB)
     Route valve, principle how to build home-made "route" valve.
     Only for low-pressure systems, low reliablity!.
  2001/03/31 |EN| cct_system.gif (25KB)
     New fluorescent tube - capacitively coupled arc discharge(CCT).
     Maybe emmision energy of metal could be used as insulation between
     plasma and electrode. It's simlification in comparsion with Al2O3 insulant.
  2001/03/31 |EN| cct_electrode.gif (9KB)
     Electrode design of CCT system
  2001/04/14 |EN/CZ| cct_comment.txt (0.2KB)
     Short comment of CCT, App. Notes.
  2001/07/24 |CZ| cct_rapidstart.gif (4KB)
     Enhanced CCT system - Rapid start connection.